We design and curate retreats that nourish you body, mind and spirit! We offer both rustic and luxurious retreat styles and settings in the beautiful Moosehead Lake area.

Below is our calendar of Events, and below that is a sample of the various kinds of retreats, workshops and other gatherings we host:


Tuesday, March 16th – Accompanied Book Launch Event in Greenville

Wednesday, September 23rd  Understanding Evolution – An Evening of Change facilitated by Tam Veilleux – at the Greenville Inn

Monday, December 6th- Blue Christmas Gatherings hosted by “Twinkle” Marie Manning


[ [ DATES TBA ] ]

Evolution Retreat facilitated by Tam Veilleux

Thrive with Astrology Retreat – facilitated by Tam Veilleux – at the Greenville Inn

Moosehead Women’s Retreat facilitated by Deb Seymour in September

Shadow and Light Retreat hosted by “Twinkle” Marie Manning in October

 ❉ Women’s Retreats, Workshops and Seminars ❉

 ❉ Women’s Brunches, Lunches, Teas, Cocktails and Dinners ❉

❉ Writing Workshops and Retreats ❉

❉ Artist Workshops and Retreats ❉

❉ Yoga & Meditation Retreats ❉

❉ Astrology Workshops ❉

❉ Connecting with Nature Retreats ❉

❉ Foraging Workshops and Retreats ❉

❉ Hiking and Kayaking Retreats ❉

❉ Couples Retreats ❉

❉ Music Workshops and Gatherings ❉

To for more information about specific retreats and to view Moosehead Lake Retreats Leaders, visit HERE.

Should you be seeking a floral designer or event decorator in Moosehead Lake, we recommend Leslie Leighton! Visit her website HERE.