We design and curate retreats that nourish you body, mind and spirit! We offer both rustic and luxurious retreat styles and settings in the beautiful Moosehead Lake area. (Click HERE for local venues & accommodations)

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Below is our calendar of Events, and below that is a sample of the various kinds of retreats, workshops and other gatherings styles.

2022 RETREATS & Events for Women around Moosehead Lake!

NEW: Monthly Women’s Night of Encouragement facilitated by Lily Hardy

Women’s Events with Angela Higgins at Boja’s Bungalow

Follow our Facebook Page for Summertime pop-up events for hiking, foraging, art and writing workshops and jewelry making.

Sunday, January 16th – Goddess Gathering at Boja’s Bungalo facilitated by Angela Higgins

Saturday, July 23rd – Thrive with Astrology Workshop (Astroinklings)– facilitated by Tam Veilleux – at Boja’s Bungalow with Angela Higgins.

Wednesday, October 5th- Shadow and Light Retreat hosted by “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Autumntime Empowering Women TV – Recording Sessions

Thursday, December 1st – Hygge: Christmas Ornament Decorating with “Twinkle” Marie Manning

Thursday, December 8th – Blue Christmas gathering – holding grief sacred during the holiday season.

Evolution Retreat facilitated by Tam Veilleux TBA

Foraging workshop facilitated by Kathy Gray TBA

Moosehead Women’s Retreat facilitated by Deb Seymour TBA

Kineo workshops and retreats with Carmen Lohn coming in 2023!!

Travel Events: March/April Empowering Women TV and Matrika Press event in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Previous Gatherings at Moosehead Lake!

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Customize Your Wintertime Moosehead Lake Retreat!

Should you be seeking a floral designer or event decorator in Moosehead Lake, we recommend Leslie Leighton! Visit her website HERE.