“Twinkle” Marie Manning in one of her gardens

Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning is the Senior Minister of The Church of Kineo, an emerging ministry in Rockwood, Maine. She is also a semi-retired television producer and book publisher. For a listing of her retreats and services, and to learn more about Twinkle, click HERE.

Deb Seymour is an executive coach and retreat leader with a 30 year corporate background. Deb hosted Moosehead Women’s Retreat! She now primarily focuses on her corporate clients. Click HERE for more information about Deb.

Tam Veilleux, author of The Energy Almanac visits Moosehead Lake to present programs on astrology and women’s transformation. Click HERE to discover more about Tam and her events.

Angela Higgins is the owner of Boja’s Bungalow in Greenville where, in addition to creating delicious vegan food, she hosts workshops and rituals.

Kathy Gray brings us back to nature with all manner of workshops on foraging, tinctures, survival techniques, hiking and more.

Carmen Lohn