Minerva Potlucks are a time for spiritual renewal and nourishment. A safe and sacred space for women to connect with one another in spiritual exploration. A treasured tradition in some women’s circles that typically takes place at the beginning of each new month or at the time of the New Moon. 


“Twinkle” Marie Manning hosts monthly Minerva Potlucks at her Moosehead Lake Retreats location. She also happily contracts with groups of women to host online gatherings.  The online gatherings embody the same elements of conversation, poetry, music, art and ritual as our in-person Minerva Gatherings have over the years.


Minerva is the Goddess of Wisdom and Poetry. During our gatherings, we share both and so much more!

(Minerva images from Margaret Stewart’s beautiful icon)


Glimpses at Minerva Potlucks and other events Twinkle has gathered together with women through the years….