Each year, Twinkle hosts Blue Christmas gatherings and events, online and in-person.

Blue Christmas Women’s Open Temple

The holiday seasons are not easy for everyone. For some, they are a time of great loneliness and sadness.

To honor the pain many feel, with the hope of creating a place of sacred solace and reflection, there will be several opportunities to gather including a Minerva-style event as well as a more formal workshop offering. These events will include readings, prayer, meditation, ritual, and candle lighting – as well as time for sharing.  

ALSO: Twinkle published a much requested edition of her Blessing Book series: Blue Christmas, A Guided Retreat to Ease Your Heartache and Bring Peace of Mind

Visit the publisher’s website for updates and specials, as well as links to purchase the book.


Sunday, December 5th – 3:00PM – Online interview with Twinkle hosted by Central Hall Commons. RSVP to Receive link:  . https://www.centralhallcommons.org/

Monday, December 6th – 6:00PM – Online Blue Christmas Gathering – Women’s Open Temple.To participate, RSVP: TwinkleManning@gmail.com to receive the Zoom video link.