From a 30 year “suit and heels” Corporate Career, climbing the leadership ranks to starting her own business coaching executives, delivering leadership workshops and creating management development programs for awesome companies, Deb’s heart will always stay true to Moosehead Lake.  She believes her success & balance in life has come from this magical place.  She grew up visiting her Grandparent’s cabin every summer, wishing the week would never end.  Swimming in the lake, hiking the nearby trails and mountains and kayaking remote ponds in search of moose always put the fast pace of life into perspective.  The lake allowed Deb to know herself.

Sharing this special place with women looking to feel more aligned to who they truly are is a passion.  Deb decided to create The Moosehead Women’s Retreat to allow women gift themselves sacred time to slow down, enjoy nature and reflect on who they really are.

A good friend once said to her, “When you know who you are, that becomes the foundation for everything.  And when you know what you want, that becomes your mission.  And the ‘why’ becomes your fuel, the source of your passion.”  

This is what the Moosehead Women’s Retreat is all about!

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